Terms of advertising platform

This document represents a summary and a commitment to work and remuneration of the two participants parts
Yourads, operator of the page yourads.website hereinafter "yourads" and you, or the "advertiser" whose detailed identification data are those contained in the record that you have filled in the platform as unavoidable step and associated application form.


  • Yourads has developed and operates a service that allows you to earn income by introducing it into your web page different advertising systems, along with a series of actions on user input through the system. < / li>
  • To use the service you must read, understand and accept this text to be authorized as "Advertiser". Please read it carefully. Confirming your request, we understand that you have accepted the conditions described here. You are not authorized to use the service if you disagree with them. Similarly, participate in the platform means that you expressly agree to receive communication we need send for the development of the relationship, regardless of who is sent by one way or another.
  • In general, you expressly undertakes to observe under the responsibility of all those provisions relating to its services. Case breaking them, besides the liability that applies to you, leading to the payment of compensation to Yourads equal to the revenue generated by its business relationship with it in a term of one year prior to notification.

The following terms, when used herein, shall have the following meanings:
  • (Linked Website): means a Web page that appears as the destination of a link that Affiliate installed on your website and connected with advertising program Yourads
  • .
  • (Unique Visitor) means any particular person, within 24 hours, use an installed Affiliate Website link, and connect in this way with Linked Website
  • .
  • (Click): means a Visitor activation of a link on the Affiliate Website to access CPA action page
  • .
  • (CPA): means a Unique Visitors connected by Affiliate to yourads and has made a definitive act, depending on the goal
  • .
  • (Traffic) is a generic term for clicks, leads and sales
  • .
  • (Artificial Traffic) is a generic term for clicks, and invalid transactions, which may be caused (for example and without it a restrictive list) for automatic loads, spiders, robots, requests by email or rooms conversation (chat rooms), script generators, installation of links on other websites than those cited and clicks that are not generated by a browser, or clicks that are not preceded by its own voluntary act of a Visitor who wants to access a particular Web page, all at discreccion the judgment of yourads.
  • (Advertising Program) is the generic name referred to the affiliate program of yourads .
The words in the masculine gender include the feminine gender and other genders and words denoting the singular include the plural and vice versa.

  • The advertiser supported by yourads shall be permitted to install on your website enlacesy advertising systems, according to the detailed characteristics of the advertiser panel.
  • Advertising Program may be modified or canceled at any time. Information on conditions Advertising Program will be available in the control panel of the advertiser. The advertiser shall be kept informed of all changes that occur in the program, in particular the conditions of remuneration for advertisers.
  • Yourads reserves the right to modify, amend, change or cancel service at any time if there are reasons which make it necessary. The advertiser will be notified of these changes by email. If the advertiser does not accept the changes, you should cease using the services immediately.

  • The Advertiser is solely responsible for its website and its contents and shall ensure compliance at all times with all legal and regulatory provisions.
  • The Advertiser will not put the contents of the links emarisco directly or indirectly related to pornographic, discriminatory religion, race, or sex, or that violates the rights of others in any way. If in doubt Yourads take final decision. The breach of this clause by the Advertiser shall invalidate the agreement shall not be deemed valid relationship in any time.
  • The Advertiser did not conduct any redirection or framing technique to hide the actual URL of the page displayed
  • The Advertiser did not perform any technique webscrapping that may result in the extraction of data to display the navigator
  • The Advertiser did not perform any technique that allows the saving of cookies for advertising control shown by yourads
  • When the Advertiser is an individual must have an age of 18 years. If the Advertiser had not reached the age of 18, the consent to registration in the Service shall be granted by a parent, being ineffective any registration of an Advertiser under 18 without parental consent.
  • The Advertiser warrants that the information provided about you is correct and complete, and sent in the proper order and that such information is in accordance with current events. The Advertiser must notify with immediate effect any changes in the information by updating the information about him in the control panel. When the Advertiser is a corporation, it shall provide full corporate name and registered office. The Advertiser must notify the data necessary for the payment process, in this case email address associated with PAYPAL account associated only method of remuneration accepted by yourads .
  • The Advertiser warrants that the rights to all information and productions of your website belong either to the owner of the rights to the information and productions of your website has been granted explicit permission for publication in that place . The Advertiser also ensures that the information and the products of their web site does not infringe any third party rights, including intellectual property rights and that the information and productions are not offensive, are not banned or are objectionable for other reasons . If in doubt, emarisco reserves the right to terminate the relationship with the Advertiser.
  • The Advertiser shall not cause or contribute to generating Artificial Traffic to Linked Websites. In doing so, yourads may disenroll immediately in the program so could legally claim damages resulting therefrom.
  • The Advertiser must notify with immediate effect any improper or illegal use of which it has knowledge or suspicion of their links to the Web page emarisco, whatever the path.
  • The Advertiser is solely responsible for compliance with all legal and regulatory obligations and especially therefrom without limitation arising by virtue of their status Advertiser.
  • Yourads have available a copy of this text on your website. The Advertiser hereby undertakes to print a copy of this text on paper and keep them in a safe place during the life of the relationship.
  • If the Advertiser who has not attained throughout a calendar year minimum franchise 100 Yourads essential for making a payment, the amount due will revert to yourads to January 1 of the following year, in order to collaborate overhead service operation.

  • Yourads undertakes to manage and record the CPA actions generated through Web pages Advertiser, in the context of the supply, to inform the Advertiser of the CPA actions by customers who came to the site through advertising placed by the Advertiser on their web pages
  • Yourads transmitted to Advertiser all amounts owed under this agreement, from 10th following the month in which the action was effective CPA
  • .
  • Yourads remunerate the Advertiser with fixed amounts and porcentualesacordadas according to specific conditions.
  • If the amount of remuneration pending the Advertiser on the date indicated is less than 30.00 eurs, payment is not realizaraa, this amount being accumulated for the next turn of remuneration
  • The remuneration will be made EXCLUSIVELY through the paypal account indicated by the Advertiser in your control panel.
  • In the event of any charge from paypal when making the transaction, this will be assumed by the Advertiser
  • No provision of this Agreement will result or be construed that has led to the creation of a society of people or an employment relationship between Yourads and Advertiser.
  • The Advertiser will be responsible for paying all taxes and fees, which are incurred in connection with payments made in their favor.
  • The Advertiser agrees to print on paper a copy of the specification for each payment made payment and keep it in a safe place.

  • Given the specific characteristics of services in Internet, Yourads can not guarantee or ensure the continued execution and at all times Yourads services or permanent access at all times to related services or control panel Advertiser.
  • Yourads is committed to maintaining anyway due diligence to maintain all services available as long as possible given the technical possibilities of the moment.
  • Yourads not be liable for any costs or damages incurred by or on the Advertiser, arising in connection with this relationship. Yourads not be liable in any way for any indirect or consequential expenses incurred by or to the Advertiser for any other reason.
  • Yourads not responsible for service failures, interruptions in service accessibility, breaches or loss of data in the system of information processing, system failures or security viruses or other harmful software components in the yourads service or for any damages caused by viruses or service components, software Advertiser and / or your website. Yourads not be liable for any errors in the installation of the advertising component on the Website of the Advertiser that jeopardize the proper functioning of the system.
  • Yourads not be liable in the event that companies which have registered advertising program and not fulfilling its obligations of any kind and will not be linked in any way to the obligations or the breach thereof.

  • This agreement will take effect in the act of acceptance by you as Advertiser and will run until completion.
  • The Advertiser may terminate this Agreement with immediate effect at any time. The Advertiser shall cease using the service immediately after the termination of this Agreement.
  • Yourasa be entitled to terminate this Agreement and / or suspend the Advertiser in service at any time in its judgment
  • This agreement will terminate with immediate termination character, not be paid any remuneration to the Advertiser fraudster, if this is the case.
  • The Advertiser keep Yourads harmless against any claims for damages or other compensation claims, arising from the contents of the Website of the Advertiser or any other incorrect information provided by the Advertiser to Yourads. The Advertiser also indemnify Yourads for any other damage or expense caused by the negligent or unauthorized advertising service and technical problems or loss of data caused by the Advertiser on the site Yourads system misuse.

Yourads owns all copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property rights, know-how or any other rights associated with the Service or the Software used in the Service. The Advertiser does not acquire any rights or licenses, whatever their nature, under this Agreement.